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Famous Vilkas Family Ancestors

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Past Rosters Saturday, AHL.

Skyrim:Vilkas - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)

The statistical rule-of-thumb in hockey is that the playoff picture at American Thanksgiving should hold throu More News from eprinkside. Team Facts. Team Captains. Team History and Standings. Where are they now? Filter: Played in Gelezinis Vilkas during season All Seasons Ilja Cetvertak F Lithuania all International 3 0 0 0 0 6.

Franchise All-Time Points. Regular Season Playoffs Overall Totals. Dominykas Bisturys F 63 42 41 83 2. Edvinas Boroska F 40 29 29 58 3. Deivid Cetvertak F 30 14 21 35 4. Aleksandras Nikitcenko F 22 13 14 27 5. Edvin Stankevic F 23 14 9 Franchise All-Time Goals. Arnas Misiukas F 56 15 5 20 4. Deivid Cetvertak F 30 14 21 35 5. Franchise All-Time Assists.

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Dangyras Rimkus D 28 1 20 21 5. Aleksandras Nikitcenko F 22 13 14 Justas Fedorovicius F 54 9 16 2. Darius Verbickas F 71 6 12 84 3. Dominykas Bisturys F 63 42 83 78 4. Dangyras Rimkus D 28 1 21 67 5. Edvin Stankevic F 23 14 23 Franchise All-Time Games played. Darius Verbickas F 71 6 6 12 2. Dominykas Bisturys F 63 42 41 83 3. Now his oath has extended to saving all Skyrim from the Dragon Alduin while finding himself among the lands of Skyrim. Vashee was never a hero. He was never someone important. He was just a half nord half imperial companion member.

Never going out to save the day, never winning the heart of those around him. No God took pity. Unable to lift a sword to fight, or hold a shield to protect, Vashee was considered more then a waste of space. And he didn't argue. He let himself become the onlooker, the one who stood behind the hero and all the praise they got was a minor 'thanks'.

He preferred people to ignore his existence. But on one unfaithful day, Vashee found himself becoming he hero of the era. The savior the world needed. Eorlund Grey-mane is working late into the evening on several projects he needs to catch up on. He is then surprised by a late night visitor.

It seems Vilkas has been giving him a difficult time, as usual, so Eorlund offers his visitor some friendly advice. Just as Vilkas decides to turn his attention to other, more important matters, the stranger returns with the hopes of joining the Companions.

Vilkas - Sapnas (1 Year)

Though Kodlak seems to think the stranger is a worthy candidate, Vilkas is entirely unconvinced even when asked to test the newcomer's strength and skill. Certainly, the Master at Arms of Jorrvaskr will have the skill to send this milk-drinker back out into the wilderness where he crawled from, even if it is just a test Whiterun is in an uproar of excitement over the identity of the Dragonborn, which is still a mystery.

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