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She brings organization and structure to the writing process, while encouraging the creative juices to flow. While her core competency is writing, Vanessa has also assisted our kids in other subjects, most notably science, history and math. She also assisted our son, Jake, in creating a personal website. My son Colin, currently a high school freshman, learned more about writing and literary appreciation from Ms. Ziff in fifth grade than in any other year of school.

Today as a freshman, Colin still pulls from instructional techniques he received from Ms. Vanessa Lasdon has all the requisite skills of an exceptionally great teacher. She is hardworking, dedicated, passionate, and exceedingly knowledgeable. Her writing strategy is based on the Six Traits of effective writers: 1 ideas and content 2 organization 3 voice 4 sentence fluency 5 word choice, and 6 conventions. However, it is not the use of this strategy that makes her an extraordinary teacher; rather, it is her application and approach to teaching this strategy.

When Vanessa taught our son Justin, his strengths were and still are in math and science, but, at the time, they were not in expository or creative writing. In fact, his writing was fairly bland and disjointed. Vanessa showed Justin how each writing trait works independently and in conjunction with the others. Vanessa perceptively recognizes the innate abilities of each student, and builds on those strengths, converting average writers to ones that are flourishing in prose. We highly recommend Vanessa, and the incredible writing services she can provide.

Parents can only hope that their child finds a teacher who will see them as individuals, recognize their strengths and weaknesses, encourage them to reach beyond what they thought they could do, give them the tools to achieve success, and make the whole experience enjoyable. Vanessa transformed our son Josh from a decent writer into an excellent writer. Her curriculum of breaking down the components of writing — brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and finalizing — provided Josh with a complete package of tools as a fifth grade student, which he continues to use at Notre Dame high school.

Vanessa has done extraordinary things for my son, Evan, and his writing. At the end of second grade, Evan was a reluctant writer. He only used simple words and sentence structures. She got him excited and intrigued to dig deeper into his experiences and bring his thoughts to life, first out loud and then with written words. I show his writing pieces to everyone I know, and I make sure to credit Vanessa for making Evan the blossoming writer he is today. I have been looking for someone like Vanessa for the last two years to work with my son.

Smart, warm, full of energy, ready to mentor youngsters or share her experiences when asked, totally in her element when teaching students how to write well and how to develop a passion for writing. Having an eight-year old highly gifted boy was not enough to make him put all those brilliant ideas on paper. He was reading interesting books far beyond grade level, but was not as interested in the written production as it was taught at school. I did not know how to help him but I knew there should be someone who could. Daniel feels constantly challenged by Vanessa and that ignites him.

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Now Daniel is reading voraciously book after book, and gaining confidence at a remarkable pace as a writer. I first encountered Vanessa Ziff in the fall of when my son, Gabriel, had the good fortune of having her as his fifth grade teacher.

By the end of that year my son — who had never thought much of himself as a writer, or a student, for that matter —- had started suddenly thinking of himself as both. Later, Vanessa tutored each of my three boys. This required a great deal of improvisation and resourcefulness on her part, as she was asked to craft different approaches to meet each of their educational needs. Vanessa can teach anyone anything, in other words!

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But perhaps even more impressive than that is her ability to help each student realize his or her own untapped potential. Vanessa is still the teacher my daughter references when approaching any writing assignments. She was so fortunate to have experienced Vanessa, who implemented much of the foundation for her writing, and instilled a love for language with her bright personality.

Particularly influential for Georgia was finding her voice using rich, vivid, detailed images in her writing. Kenneth often utilizes the deconstruction and analytical detailing techniques he learned from Vanessa.

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Our son, now in his second year at Harvard Westlake Middle School, excels in this scholastically competitive environment, thanks in large part to Ms. Her vast skills, complete dedication, and clear purpose construct a solid core for every student she teaches. Vanessa is extremely imaginative, insightful and determined, creating an inspiring and challenging environment for her students. Her energetic, passionate nature produces both a fun and rewarding learning experience. It is hard to find enough superlatives to describe Vanessa Ziff as a teacher. My son was fortunate to have been in her class, and it is no exaggeration to say that she fostered a huge positive change in his development as a student and as a person.

I would whole- heartedly recommend Ms. Ziff as a writing specialist. Vanessa Ziff Lasdon possesses the dynamic combination of an incisive intellect and boundless passion when it comes to teaching her craft and sharing skills with her students. My son Nick benefitted enormously under Ms. Perhaps the most unique quality that Ms. Ziff Lasdon brings to teaching is her infectious love of learning, which is immediately passed on to her students.

Vanessa is one of the most inspiring, high energy, and enthusiastic teachers my son has had the good fortune to learn from! Vanessa helped Noah to dig deep and get creative with his writing. Vanessa is high-energy smarts and charm, the kind of writer and teacher who captures and captivates readers of all ages. Vanessa accomplishes it all.

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Vanessa is a true master of her craft. A dedicated, brilliant writer and thinker herself, she has a gentle way of guiding students and adults through the writing process. She is a blast to work with, completely trustworthy and utterly authentic in her ways. She knows how to engage young or novice writers in a way that brings out strengths we had no idea we had! To work with Vanessa is a privilege; you just want to soak up all her talent, and bottle it up for yourself! She is an inspiration. I had the privilege of working closely with Vanessa Ziff for several years and am certain that I learned as much from teaching at her side as any of her students did under her guidance.

Where so many others fall back on old tricks, Vanessa Ziff taps into her extensive experience to invent new methodologies for each and every one of her clients. An outstanding writing teacher, Ms. Ziff is exciting, creative, and fun, and an expert at her craft. Students of any age lucky enough to experience classes with her will emerge as far superior writers. Vanessa knows how to motivate students. She has a gift for inspiring even the most reluctant writer and her passion for writing is infectious. By the end of one of her workshops, students are buzzing with ideas and eager to share what they have written.

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Vanessa is an outstanding writer who is a joy to work with. She provided web content for two sites I worked on, and was able to help our clients develop an effective and unique voice in a timely and organized manner. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone seeking professional copywriting or content strategy.

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Vanessa was insightful at helping me find the right words for my website. All rights reserved. Project Manager. Evan, 3rd Grade. Lexi 7th Grade, Harvard Westlake. Vanessa is an outstanding writer and a joy to work with. Aimee Trudeau, Web Developer, Kizmato. Vanessa got my 8-year old son excited and intrigued to dig deeper into his experiences and bring his thoughts to life.

Sally Micelotta. Jaren S. Vanessa captured the essence of what I wanted to relay on my site without sounding trite, unlike my experience with previous writers.

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Martin Pugh, Musician. Jill and Larry Krutchik. Howard Tager. My son learned more about writing and literary appreciation from Ms. Kim Ford.

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She taught us to understand and appreciate the material, and have fun in the process.