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  1. Io, Lucifero (Italian Edition).
  2. A Tale of Two Taxes.
  3. Studies in American Naturalism?
  4. Madame Bovary (Italian Edition).

The Sea-Wolf [A concordance and curriculum materials are available for this work] Chronicles the voyages of a ship run by the ruthless Wolf Larsen, among the greatest of London's characters, and spokesman for an extreme individualism London intended to critique. The Star Rover The great transmigration novel inspired by the experiences of an ex-prisoner's acount of coping with "the Jacket," a form of torture at San Quentin. London was a lifelong supporter of humane prison practices. The Valley of the Moon The first part of this novel exposes the struggles of the working-class of London's day, while the latter part is an exploration of the California landscape, with Sonoma Valley providing the "perfect spot" for the wandering lovers.

Basic Themes for Jack London's Novels

White Fang [A concordance is available for this work] An initiation story concerning the taming of a wild dog in the Klondike. This novella explores life following a devastating plague that wipes out most of humanity. Here's a summary.

  1. The Weird Weirs and the Mystery of Deadwater Hall?
  2. Of Sound And Symbol!
  3. Seven Daze!

Not yet available. Scorn of Women From the Internet Archive. Theft A four-act play.

White Fang - Audiobook by Jack London

John Barleycorn An autobiographical memoir that deals with the debilitating effects of alcohol as personified in "The Noseless One" illustrated. Though some scholars have viewed this book to be fiction, London himself claimed it was truthful. The People of the Abyss [A concordance is available for this work] Based on London's observations of the slums of London and illustrated with photographs taken by himself and others illustrated.

The Road Tales of London's days as a hobo, profusely illustrated with posed photographs and drawings.

Jack London: Themes & Messages from his Novels

War of the Classes Mainly consisting of the texts of speeches London presented on behalf of socialism. Jack London's Journalism Non-fiction newspaper and magazine pieces. The illustrations were often by leading artists of the day. Site maintained by Clarice Stasz, Latest update The Abysmal Brute A prize fighter faces the corruption of civilization and finds redemption in the wilds of California. Dutch Courage and Other Stories A collection of very early stories published posthumously, with a preface by his wife Charmian.

Jack London: The Collected Works by Jack London

The Cruise of the Snark An autobiographical memoir of the voyage across the Pacific, with most emphasis upon Hawaii. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place so you get the most out of your study.

Sample Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Bernard-Collie mix named Buck.

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Kidnapped from his California home, Buck is forced to harden into a rough sled dog in order to survive in the brutal realities of the wilderness in which he finds himself. London explores timeless themes such as the relationship between civilization and wilderness, and the struggle to survive. White Fang first appeared serially in Outing in , achieving instant worldwide success.

White Fang serves as a companion to The Call of the Wild.

London uses his canine protagonist to explore the violence of wildlife and critique the violence of human beings. Through his antagonist, London sought to debunk the super-man theory of Nietzche. The Sea-Wolf was released to strong commercial success on the strength of his previous work, The Call of the Wild and was well-received by critics. In The Iron Heel , Jack London presented the world with what is argued to be the first modern dystopian novel, as well as the novel most clearly demonstrating his socialist views.