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Page shrugged helplessly. Short hair, dark suit, scholarly glasses. Or are those the ones with fake lenses in them?

Nicholas shook his head. Page risked a sideways glance at the front counter. Better not tell the boss. He wanted to know when her shift was over, he explained.

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Take it easy. Page groaned. Her shift was supposed to be finished at three today. Go home, girl! It made her feel a bit better to notice that he had averted his eyes and had the faintest hint of a blush creeping onto his cheekbones. She stood up and immediately wobbled. Nicholas wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He gave the impression of being tall and willowy, but he felt remarkably solid underneath the suit.

Nicholas insisted on hailing her a cab instead, and within a few minutes had bundled her into the back seat and gotten her to give her address to the driver. He slid in next to her, ignoring her protests that she could handle getting home. Page was immensely glad the car ride was so short. She already felt a little unbalanced, and the motion of the vehicle tilted her straight into vertigo. No, he never did that.

And he remembered, that was the thing. Her and Janine both. Music — he liked classic rock, Page remembered dimly. Somehow him being a nurse had never really come up. Page glanced out the window, recognizing the dull gray brick building that housed her fourth-floor apartment. She nodded and began trying to extricate her wallet from her purse using only one hand. Before she could find it, though, Nicholas had already passed the cab driver a small handful of notes and waved at him to keep the change, then crossed quickly over to her side to help her out.

She took his support, leaning on him up all three flights of steps because naturally the elevator was broken again. When they reached her door, Nicholas relinquished his hold on the young woman so she could fish out her keys. Page looked up questioningly. Nicholas held up his right hand in front of him, blood-spattered fingers spread.

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Great way to charm a stranger, Page groaned inwardly. The day America lost it's innocence, I lost my brother. And I can't rest unless justice is served. One bad decision. Several steamy nights and one marriage of convenience, what could possibly go wrong? The good girl. The golden girl. The girl mostly likely to…help out.

I was tired of being the good girl. Tired of being every so helpful and so I vowed to start living my life on my terms.

So I said yes. Played the role and did the deed. Then I went and did the unthinkable. I fell in love with my fake husband. Everyone looked at me and thought, there goes Reynaldo Calvetti. Rich, handsome playboy, town outcast and the guy every girl…wanted. I was so damn tired of doing what he was told. Tired of following the rules, of going along to get along.

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For the first time, I wanted something just for me. But it meant relying on her.

The goody two-shoes girl who could do no wrong. Until she did. Now I just have to decide if being right is worth living without her.

Love Astray: Audacious Billionaire BWWM Romance Series, Book 2 Excerpt - Shyla Starr

Hope is a stranger to me. I exist. I survive. Waiting for the day it all ends. But now everything has changed. Except that he touches something deep inside me…a place no one else has ever reached. And now, against all reason, I want. Varius Payne is a guilty pleasure that tempts a girl to sin The agreement was simple—no names, no confessions, and absolutely no falling in love. We met in secret every week, our nights so hot it'd make the Devil sweat and angels blush. Sure, Varius kept his secrets, but I never needed the truth Suddenly, I'm choreographing snowflakes, wrangling alpacas into the Nativity scene, and snapping like a gingerbread cookie when the choir goes on hunger strike.

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And just when it couldn't get any worse Varius needs a savior, but I lost my halo a long time ago. Saving him from those demons risks more than breaking our hearts. Sometimes, a man can't heal from the sins of his past. But a good woman can help him forget. It'd be a match made in Heaven She was supposed to remain in the past. A past I worked long and hard to forget. I run a multi-billion dollar company. I am at the top of my game. Making deals and taking names in the boardroom were what fueled me. But one night everything came flooding back. There she was, just like she was waiting for me.

I was pushed away by his secrets. I left the city I grew up in to keep my distance from him after his final act of betrayal. I fought every day not to think of him. It was hard, but I managed to make a life for myself. But one trip for a work conference and I was putty in his arms again. Whatever, it was just one night. I could go on with my life as I had been.

That is, until a call came that beckoned me back home. Be his, or else. Title: Ruined By The Seal.

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Cara Levasseur is too young for her job. Too pretty.

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Samantha jumped off the cliff to [ I need Jacob to survive not just for me but for our child. Jacob's road to recovery is rocky. He has fallen off the rails. Will I lose my husband to drug abuse? Secrets are revealed about our past. Jacob and I will never be the same. Since Jacob and I have learned we are skilled assassins, who save the world, missions are [ Parks Sexy as sin, Jacob Latters, America's heart throb, bad boy is trying to claim my heart and every curve on my body.