Come to Our Table: A Midday Connection Cookbook

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The sheer awful terror of war was driven home to me on a school trip with my daughter when she was about It was at this time of year, coming up to Anzac Day When Ted and I moved to Wanaka to live, we would make the minute drive into town every morning for coffee.

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Invariably, by the time we caught up with friends, an hour or more had passed before we were home again. See you soon! I love the way people who are passionate about cooking are so generous with sharing their favourite recipes.

Meaning of "midday" in the English dictionary

This recipe was shared with me by a listener who called in to a radio show I was talking on. It sounded too good to be true, so I rushed home and made it Every year for as long as I can remember I have baked at least one Christmas cake. Given that no one in my family actually likes Christmas cake, this doubtless seems really odd.

My gorgeous pop-up shop is now open at The Colombo mall in Sydenham. If you're in Christchurch between now and Christmas, swing by to check it out! I love a good roadie, and there are few places more spectacular for a road trip than the South Island of New Zealand. I feel blessed to call this part of the world home, and grab any excuse to get out there amongst it. So the launch of my biggest and most beautiful book yet, ESSENTIAL, seemed like a good reason to hit the road and visit bookstores and top tourist attractions around the south.

Here are some of the highlights Next month I'm going on a tiki-tour of the South Island in the amazing Jeep Wrangler that you could win if you buy my book With planning and know-how you can cook fab food to delight and nourish, on a modest budget. One of the easiest ways to save money on your food bill is to eat fruit and veges while they're in season. As a bonus, they're also at their tastiest and most nutritious. Check out my month-by-month charts to find out when your favourites are at their peak — and at their most affordable I was proud to represent New Zealand at a sustainability cooking challenge in Bermuda recently.

If you're heading to Bermuda for the cup, here are my top tips After two weeks on the road in my Jeep, signing hundreds of books, meeting thousands of people and visiting most of the North Island's top tourist attractions, it's fun to look back at some of the highlights of the first leg of my Essential Tiki-Tour It's not somewhere most of us get to see inside, so I'm sharing a sneak peek in my blog This year I'm going on a tiki-tour of the country in an amazing Jeep Wrangler that you could win if you buy my book All my adult life and a lot of my childhood!

I've been in the kitchen, either at work or at home, all day every day, playing, testing and absorbing all I can about the science and common sense of cooking and eating well. As the clock turned to midnight a flaming hay bale was dispatched on a flying fox. It whizzed down the wire in a flaming fireball, into an old car sitting a couple of paddocks away.

It always seems that you have to get through Christmas before the holiday actually starts. A golden roast turkey is such an impressive dish to bring to the table for a special-occasion feast — but a lot of people are put off cooking turkey by the dry, stringy turkey they've been served in the past. I used to think I was destined for a life of tough turkey — until I discovered the secret My most important advice when you've got a big event like Christmas coming up is to keep it simple and make sure you don't get too hung up about impressing your guests with your culinary gymnastics.

I find that if the cook is relaxed, everyone else will be. A pav is a quintessentially Kiwi dessert and perfect for any summer celebration.

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Wherever you live in the world spring and summer are a time for celebration, but down here in New Zealand and Australia, Christmas and New Year give us even more excuses for getting togther with family and friends. When I was planning my new summer annual I tried to imagine all the occasions you might be needing to cook for, and then do all the thinking for you From a vegan feast to a Christmas lunch or even a wedding menu, my new summer annual features menu suggestions for so many summer occasions.

Click the links to download printable pdfs to take to the supermarket Check out our video on how to put one together…. It just seemed too… well… weird. And then I tried making mayonnaise with a few spoonfuls of the brine from a can of chickpeas instead of an egg and, hey presto, it worked like a dream!

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  5. Candied petals make for a wonderful edible decoration on special-occasion desserts — they provide a little colour, crunch and sweetness all at once. These pretty little additions are so simple to make but really add the wow-factor…. I love gathering friends and family to talk and laugh over delicious food and drinks. When it's a special celebration I try to add some personal touches to make the day even more memorable for my guests…. Mark the summer holidays with an end-of-school party — and make it an occasion to remember with all sorts of cool party crafts….

    It doesn't take much time or cost a lot to brighten up a party or special occasion celebration with just a few simple craft supplies…. Try my tips for a successful potluck party — with free invitation, placecards and conversation starters A couple of weekends ago, the 10 lovely winners of my Share the Love potluck competition flew in from all around the country for a weekend in Wanaka with a special long lunch Ted and I hosted at our studio by the lake Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and creativity, and special thanks also to Air New Zealand, Lake Wanaka Tourism and Farro Fresh for the amazing prizes.

    Discovering new flavours and ingredients and learning to cook with them is like learning a new language in the kitchen. Cooking this way makes me feel part of the world. I can take familiar meats, poultry and seasonal vegetables and with exciting flavours like lemongrass, fish sauce and dashi make them new again.

    In this simplest of ways, I open the door to a new culture…. I love the fact that down here at the bottom of the Pacific, Matariki is our very own harvest festival, a celebration vested in the movement of the stars. A shared feast is such a great way to celebrate Matariki. Check out our video about how to layer up your own…. When my kids were small, coloured boiled eggs were always on the Easter Sunday breakfast menu. Rather than using commercial dye, we wrapped each egg in a covering of onion skins and then secured them with a piece of cloth and a tie before boiling them.

    I read an article the other day about how the repetitive action of knitting and needlework can create a relaxed state similar to how you feel when you meditate or do yoga, and can reduce harmful levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which unfortunately seems to be part and parcel of daily life these days. For me, cooking has the same effect It was the shortest 3. More than any other meal of the year Christmas dinner is a chance to indulge in your favourite foods. The challenge is in choosing dishes that will go well together as a satisfying whole While my family and I were in France recently, my dear friend, clever cook and long-time mentor Daniele Delpeuch came to stay with her grandaughter Lou.

    I first met Lou as a tiny baby some 12 years ago. Lou was in the kitchen whipping up a cake for us to enjoy. I watched in fascination as I liked the ceramic yoghurt pottles in France so much I couldn't bear to throw them in the bin, so I packed a few into my suitcase when I came home, and now I have two sets of five pottles to give away. To be in to win As the seasons roll around from winter into a long-awaited spring and then summer, I always find myself on the hunt for fresh inspiration.

    People often ask me how I come up with new recipes. I get loads of inspiration from my garden, my travels, reading and eating out but the truth is that the idea is the easy part as they just seem to fly out of my brain all the time! Flex your artistic muscles and get creative by colouring in one of the beautiful illustrations from my summer annual and you could win a Kenwood Triblade hand blender for your efforts.

    Read my blog to find out how I've also compiled some menus for effortless entertaining. Who says winter needs to feel like a struggle and a chore?

    Sara’s Weeknight Meals

    I want winter to feel easy and fun, not cold and difficult, so in putting together my first ever winter annual, I have streamlined and simplified winter cooking to give it the same easy mood that we love about summer Often the hardest thing about cooking is deciding what to eat each night. Different crops have different nutrient requirements, so growing the same crop in the same place time after time will drain the soil of the nutrients taken up by those plants, leading to reduced yields.

    Seeds and plants germinate and grow at different temperatures, so it's important to know what their tolerance is before you start to plant them. Only the hardiest plants can be sown when the soil is cold in early spring. This is the time to plant bok choy, broad beans, broccoli, kale, leeks, peas, radishes, spinach, spring onions, strawberries and turnips. Quinoa, buckwheat, farro — seems like every time you visit the wholefoods store there's a new grain or pulse to try.

    But each has its own unique cooking requirements, and sometimes it's hard to keep track. So we've created this handy chart with all the details you need to prepare everything from black beans to red lentils. It's years since the Anzac troops went ashore on the Gallipoli Peninsula in , and a time to remember the many hardships they endured there. As my small contribution to the th anniversary Anzac Day commemorations I've put together three special recipes to share Happy New Year everyone! January is always an exciting time as we look ahead to a year of new possibilities, but it's also a good opportunity to look back and savour what we most enjoyed about the past 12 months.

    In terms of my website, the recipes you most enjoyed were almost all sweet, frequently cakes and often chocolate!

    Exchange Discount Summary

    Without further ado, here are the 12 most popular recipes for from annabel-langbein. It was during my teenage hippy years up the Whanganui River that I mastered the art of yeasted bread. We my boyfriend Murray, his friend Tom and I decided that city life was not for us and moved onto an old marae down by the river at Ranana I had just turned 17 and looking back now I think, aargh, my poor parents! We helped out on local farms My website has everything you need for Christmas, and is your one-stop-shop for all the recipes and inspiration you'll need for the big day Winemaker Duncan Forsyth is one such person, and it was a treat to visit him to shoot this episode.

    Not only does he create beautiful wines but in his spare time he produces the most delicious prosciutto Foraging has become popular even in urban environments these days You might feel like Japanese-style, adding ginger, soy sauce and wasabi, and serving it up with udon or soba noodles. Or maybe give your meal an Italian flavour with pesto, olive oil and pine nuts We spent a lot of time fishing when we were kids.

    When the wind swung around to blow offshore my uncle would call and we would all head off to the beach to help put his kontiki raft out. I remember he used a barley sugar to hold the line of hooks on the raft. Once the sweet had melted in the salt water, by which stage the whole contraption would be way out in the deep briny, the line would drop down with all its baited hooks I get to do a lot of travelling in my life, so one of the first things I do as soon as I get home — to make me feel like I am home — is bake or preserve.

    Just getting into the kitchen and filling up jars or tins gives me a feeling of being anchored. When I left home at the tender age of 16, it was to pursue a subsistence life with two friends one my boyfriend in the wilderness up the Whanganui River. We lived off the land, helping out on farms, assisting the various marae up and down the river by painting their old meeting houses and clearing out of old cemeteries.

    We planted a huge vegetable garden down on the old marae at Ranana, which fed the local community You may have gathered that I am somewhat of a hussy when it comes to cheese. You can be sure that there will always be a nugget of some special cheese tucked away somewhere in my fridge where hopefully no one else can find it. In my world nothing beats it for sheer indulgence. Arriving, as we did, in the full flush of spring meant the asparagus harvest was in full swing My first encounter with fresh truffles was not in some swanky restaurant in France or Italy, but in the poky kitchen of my tiny flat in Parnell.

    Inside lay a single black truffle, like a nibbed nugget of coal Everywhere I looked there was always another perfectly ripe, juicy strawberry just over there… and another… and another. Before I knew it I had picked and eaten way too many. For this Saturday night's episode of my new TV series we headed up to Closeburn Station, off the road to Glenorchy in the heart of the South Island high country, to see the winter shearing in action.

    Sara's Weeknight Meals | Sara Moulton

    Walking into the shearing shed was like stepping back in time — nothing much seemed to have changed from when I was a kid. Muscled young shearers bent over the merino sheep, their handpieces easing off swift, clean arcs of fine wool into pillowy piles on the stand Thanks for all the fantastic feedback following the first episode of my new TV series last weekend! I'm going to be blogging each Friday during the week series to let you know what I'm up to each week and give you all the links you need to access recipes, videos and behind-the-scenes blogs and photos from each episode.

    This first episode was shot in the middle of winter.

    The snow was deep on the hills around Wanaka One of the best things about launching my new TV series and book is that it gives me an excuse to hit the road and visit some of my favourite parts of the country.