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Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. This is an excellent release no fan should be without it. The interviews of Elvis' Parents are well worth hearing too. The afternoon show footage is wonderful and electrifying : Here is Elvis in his prime rocking and rolling in front of Highly recommended. Read more. On 28 December , the village coffee shop was attacked and sprayed with bullets. Six people were killed. People came down from the upper part of the village, the women were crying and people prayed by the yard near the spring.

After the gang took control of the upper part they controlled the village. The villagers had to use small bypass roads. But every day, the military presence became stronger. One day, my father came and carried my little sister and called me and my brother and we followed him. We went down to the valley and climbed up to the main street. My father was shot at but the bullet landed between his legs. We went into a truck. In one hour we became refugees. My father went back to fight. But when he returned, he was so sad.

He found us in a miserable situation and could not take it. He became sick. His stomach did not take the food. He was nervous. After a year and a half, he died. We moved to Jerusalem to be closer to Lifta. After prison, I got involved in the campaign against plans to build luxury villas in Lifta. We went to the court. The Coalition to Save Lifta is international and is big now.

Wayne Carson, 'Always On My Mind' Songwriter, Dead at 72

We make surveys, books, videos, and we mobilize the media. Between and I did 45 tours of Lifta for university groups coming from 25 countries. I dream to go back. I am sure the time will come.

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The sun will rise again. The Israelis did not study history.

All occupiers go. We can live together but we should put an end to the occupation, and create a democratic state for all under democratic laws.

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Israelis say the new generations will forget. I did not forget. Now I am a father.

I send the message to my daughter and my son. We used to go, four or five times a year, to teach them that this is your village, this is your mosque, and so on. I taught them and they continue. This is my memory and my history. Nobody has the right to take them away. We must never lose these sad, beautiful memories. They must turn from memories of Palestine into a vision for the whole World. Thank you, Anne Paq. Great Photo essay thank you.

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We need to document more of our history. You might like to have a look at my current work regarding this subject. There is no choice but to remember.

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For those who remember, the pain is still vivid. Umar al-Ghubari contributed research. Approximate distance to his original village: 25 kilometers. I went back to see Beit Natif after Everything was destroyed.

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We were happy. Everyone owned their land. We were living with Christians and Jews like brothers.

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We got everything from our own land — wheat, beans, vegetables. In the end we will get our freedom. Halima Ali Khalil Halima Ali Khalil, 78, is from al-Walaja village, and currently lives in the new al-Walaja, which was built by fleeing refugees in what became a Jordanian-controlled area and what is now the occupied West Bank. We had many trees: apricot trees, apple trees, olive trees, grapes. Life was the best. There were 16 springs in al-Walaja. The Zionists destroyed our house.

A few days later, we saw it from the mountains. We cried. My father was always talking about al-Walaja. He died not long after we fled. Muhammad Mahmoud Salem Awadallah Muhammad Mahmoud Salem Awadallah, 80, is from al-Walaja and currently lives in the new village, just a few meters away from the Israeli wall. Approximate distance to his original village: 3 kilometers. My father was a farmer. Our home had two floors.